101 Devotionals with Children - download pdf or read online

By June Galle Krehbiel

ISBN-10: 083619117X

ISBN-13: 9780836191172

Sunday institution devotionals

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Pain The instant the baseball left its mark on his shoulder, Zachary felt the pain. He dropped to the ground, holding the bruised spot. " the catcher asked, but Zachary couldn't answer. Stinging pain numbed his body. But he heard his coach's sympathetic voice, and he knew everything would be okay. Words from other people affect us.

God made a promise. In a way it was like a New Year's resolution. After sending the great flood, which destroyed all the people on the earth except Noah and his family, God promised to never again destroy the earth. This kind of promise is called a covenant. What promise can you make to God today? Light a candle to remind you of your promise. Prayer: In my heart, Lord Jesus, I promise to share your love with everyone. Amen. Clincher: As long as earth endures, As long as years are new, A friend I'll be to Jesus.

Fig Newtons (Exodus 3:1315) 27 12. Grape (Exodus 16:1116) 29 13. Most Unusual Law (Exodus 20:13) 31 14. Good-bye (Numbers 6:2426) 33 15. Squirrel (Deuteronomy 6:59) 35 16. Rototiller (Joshua 24:2324) 36 17. Storm (1 Samuel 3:110) 37 18. Youngest (1 Samuel 16:1, 1013) 38 19. In the Doghouse (1 Samuel 20:42) 39 20. Mice (1 Kings 3:59) 40 21. More Dessert (1 Kings 5:1, 12, 18) 41 22. Overnight Guests (2 Kings 4:811) 43 23. Peanut Butter Cup (Nehemiah 1:56) 44 24. Rug (Psalm 8) 45 25. Stuck in the Mud (Psalm 23) 47 26.

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